World's First Auto Feed Pushing Robot with Visual Navigation System

Robofeeder - The feed pushing robot

Robofeeder is an autonomous robot for pushing feed to cattle with no human assistance. A powerful machine which reduces labour intensity and cost, offering higher frequecy and punctuality compared to a manual tractor system. The robot runs on electricity so it pushes quietly, releases no exhaust gases, and requires minimal maintenance. The unit uses AI-Vistion based navigation, with visual, magnetic peg & gyroscope  navigation modes for easy operation in complex environments and can perform Cross-Farm feading . Dual 400W motors, a working speed of 12-18 m/min and 2.5 hour fast with a working time of 22 hours on a single charge the robofeeder is an industry leader. 

AI-Vision Navigation

Visual & Magnetic Peg & Gyroscope Navigation Modes for easy operation in complex cattle farms

Cross-Farm Feeding

Navigate autonomously between sheds & houses

SVEA Master

The RoboFeeder can be easily controlled with the SVEA Master APP, enables you to operate the feed pusher easily and remotely.

Remote Control

Video Transmission

Operations Records

Task Management

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