FJD 2000W Power Station & 200W Solar Panel


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The FJD 2000W Solar Generator boasts a staggering 2,264Wh of charging capacity, swiftly replenishing with just 3 pcs of 200W solar panels in a mere 4 hours, or via an AC wall outlet cable in an impressive 2 hours. Equipped with a detachable lithium-ion battery that reaches full power in 30 seconds, this powerhouse can power 99% of appliances and charge up to 12 devices concurrently. An ideal solution for home emergencies, outdoor excursions, professional ventures, and more, the FJD MP2000 pairs safety and reliability with its top-notch BMS and a rugged design crafted for the great outdoors.

Empower Every Device Imaginably, up to 12 Devices Concurrently

With a vast 2,264Wh capacity, the FJD MP2000 powers everything from air conditioners to coffee makers, CPAP machines, refrigerators, etc. Harness the sun’s mighty rays as you venture through the globe’s incredible wonders, embark on epic road trips, delve into nature’s splendor, and cherish unforgettable moments with loved ones.

Multiple Ways to Charge

Experience versatile charging options with the FJD MP2000, adaptable to any location. At home, effortlessly connect to an AC wall outlet, solar panels, or the FJD x2800i Generator. When on the go, replenish its power using your car or solar panels at camp. In dire emergencies amidst blackouts, rely on the swift 30s recharge via a removable battery FJD BP2000 for a dependable final power reserve.

Outstanding Energy Conversion Efficiency of up to 21.5%

The FJD MP2000 synchronizes with 3x 200W FJD solar panels for rapid solar recharging. Crafted from monocrystalline solar cells, the FJD 200W solar panel boasts a remarkable 21.5% conversion rate, generating abundant power under comparable circumstances.

Effortless and Speedy Battery Replacement

The 2000W solar generator features a removable battery pack, enabling smooth transitions in just 30s . This ensures a consistent and reliable power supply, even during extended use.
Note: An additional detachable battery pack can be purchased separately.

Streamlined Performance

The 2000W solar generator is crafted for user-friendly operation. The plug-and-play configuration requires a mere three effortless steps, while the intuitive design calls for minimal upkeep. This presents an exceptional option for those seeking to slash electricity expenses without being encumbered by elaborate installation procedures.

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