FJD X2800iE Inverter Generator

1,275.00 (1,036.59 ex. VAT)

FJD X2800iE generator is one of the quietest digital inverter generators. It is lighter, quieter, energy-efficient and easier to start than conventional generators. And it’s tested by sensitive electronics to ensure more stable power output for home power backup and outdoor activities. Besides, you can use it with FJD MP2000 power station to achieve energy generation and storage together.



Three Kinds of Start Mode

FJD X2800iE inverter generator features a two-in-one combination switch (generator switch and fuel switch). So it can be started in three ways including recoil start, electric start, and app start. You need to turn on the fuel tank switch and the two-in-one switch before starting the generator. Then choose any of the startup modes. You can use the app to start the engine at the touch of a button without pulling the cable to start manually. This is very friendly for non-experts.

Low Vibration and Low Noise

X2800iE inverter generator is closed type generator much quieter than open type generator at the same power. Besides, soundproof cotton and ECO mode allow you to operate quietly with little vibration. The minimum noise level of the standby generators is only 59 db at a distance of 7m. It’s equivalent to the sound of indoor conservation. Therefore, this smart generator with high running watts can be used in different scenarios even during power outages.

Smart Remote Management

X2800iE generator has APP remote management. With FJD app, users can start/stop the inverter generator and view parameters in real time. What’s more, APP will also remind users to do maintenance and alert them timely according to the operation. So in hybrid power mode, the automatic start/stop function can charge the FJD MP2000 portable power station according to the power set by users.

Advanced Inverter Technology

Advanced inverter technology is applied in X2800iE inverter generator. So in ECO mode, power generators can automatically adjust the speed of engine according to the load. Then it can achieve fuel efficiency, noise reduction and vibration attenuation. In addition, it can also prevent the generator from being damaged by overheating, extending the service life. It enables safe operation of the connected consumers.

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