FJDynamics 200W Foldable Portable Solar Panel

489.00 (397.56 ex. VAT)

FJD 200 watt solar panel converts solar energy into electricity to charge the portable power station. It is foldable and easy to carry. You can use it as home backup power to save electricity bills or bring it out to power your life anywhere.



High Energy Conversion Efficiency Up to 21.5%

FJD 200 watts solar panel comes with monocrystalline solar cells. Compared with polycrystalline and amorphous ones, monocrystalline silicon solar panels have higher energy conversion efficiency. The 200W solar panels support high-efficiency energy storage, providing an energy conversion efficiency of 21.5%. And the conductivity of the FJD 200 watts solar panel is better than that of polycrystalline ones.

Foldable and Easy to Carry

The 200W solar panel has a folded size of 540x580x60 mm and a net weight of 7.2 kg. Compact and light, it comes with easy installation anywhere without wiring. You only need to connect one cable to the body of the 200 watt portable solar panels. During outdoor activities, it can be easily placed in the sun to ensure sun exposure. Then the monocrystalline solar panel will collect electricity to power your devices.

Durable ETFE Panel

Dustproof and high-temperature resistant, the 200 watt solar panel can be used in various harsh environments. It also has higher light transmittance and longer service life. Because of the hard-wearing and water-resistant fabric, the folding solar panel with easy installation also withstands splashing water. Thus, you don’t need to worry about these damages to the folding panel.

Green Charging Travel

FJD 200 watt portable solar panels can be charged anywhere. There is light, there is electricity. The 200 watt solar panels (monocrystalline foldable solar panels) use green travel to promote the quality of life. When we are in the wild or other places without power supply, the solar power system can solve the problem with good light conditions. Make every trip full of electricity with this convenient solar suitcase.

Great Solar Generator Kit

The 200W solar panels can work with portable power stations to form a solar generator. It stores electric power into the portable power station through the control circuit. Unfold the 200 watt portable solar panel and make it face the sun to get better light conditions. When the foldable solar panels start working, connect the portable power station to the output port of the panel.

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