Soil Sampling

Farmteam are experts in all things soil sampling. We offer a contract GPS soil sampling and mapping service managing every aspect of on-farm soil sampling from planning through to acquisition, transport of samples to the laboratory and reporting of results back to the client. We have a range of automated soil sampling equipment and utilise the latest is GPS and mapping technology to ensure the best quality results. Our professional service eliminates the difficulties of collecting soil samples, ensuring high-quality samples are consistently taken to the correct depth and with appropriate spatial coverage. We ensure you can have confidence in your test results; equipping you with the data you need to make informed decisions and get the best out of our most valuable asset.

Survey Planning

We use the latest in GIS mapping technology to take care of all aspects of sample collection; from preparing individual farm soil sampling plans to planning and management of field work. We have extensive experience in large scale geo-data acquisition projects.

Automatic soil samplers

Fully automatic soil probe, capable of working in all types of soil conditions, ensures fast, reliable and repeatable results. Utilising ATV mounted soil samplers ensures we can efficiently collect a good spatial coverage of soil samples compared to on-foot, thus ensuring a more representative soil sample

GPS Positioning & Mapping

We use RKT GPS to guide soil samplers in the field and enable sub-centimeter recording of soil sample tracks & locations. GPS provides a record of where samples have been taken ensuring fully traceable soil samples from field to the lab

Results & Reporting

Soil test results from the laboratory are combined with satellite farm maps to deliver results in an intuitive and easy-to-understand format. Maps and reports can be provided in a number of formats from PDF, digital data delivery and via our online mapping portal

Sampling Methods

Composite Sampling

Traditional "zig-zag" sampling methodology used on many Irish farms. A number of soil cores are taken on a "field-by-field" basis or across a large area (>4ha). The cores are mixed together to produce a single sample for analysis. This technique is most suitable where uniform nutrient application is used

Grid Sampling

The holding is divided into a uniform grid, typically of 1ha blocks. A number of soil cores are taken in each block and mixed to produce a single sample for the block. The method is useful for variable rate nutrient appliation (VRA)

OptiGrid Sampling

Often the area to be sampled is not easily divided into a uniform grid, for example due to irregularly shaped fields. This method is identical in practice to grid sampling however the holding is divided into blocks (e.g. 1ha) which are optimised to fit the unique shape of individual fields or zones

Agri Advisors & Consultants

Do you want to offer a high-class soil sampling and mapping service to your clients? We have a network of soil samplers nationwide who can take care of all your soil sampling and mapping needs. Let us take care of the field-work while you concentrate on providing relevant advice to your customers.