Wintex Agro

Professional Soil Samplers

The future is in the soil. And in professional soil samples.

Wintex Agro has specialized in developing and manufacturing automatic soil samplers. Being international specialists and thanks to our worldwide activities, we are familiar with virtually every soil type and all geological conditions as well as with the strict requirements for collecting soil samples and the associated documentation.

Even large areas are sampled fast, efficient and precisely with Wintex soil samplers. It is important to us that our equipment is economic, highly reliable, user-friendly and that it only requires minimum maintenance.

Discover the potentials of your soils with Wintex Agro’s soil sampling technology – to be ahead of all the others!

Wintex 1000

The WINTEX 1000 – quiet, automatic and universally usable. Soil samples up to 25 cm and with three programs for different soils. Fast and straightforward mounting and dismounting on virtually all vehicles including tractors and trailers.

Wintex 1000s

The WINTEX 1000s – automatic soil samples up to 30 cm. Fast and efficient soil sampling in all kinds of soil, also in frozen ground. Reliable, robust and with a hydraulic hammer.

Wintex 2000

The Wintex 2000 – two programs, infinitely variable depth and two samples in one operational step. Automatic sampling up to 60 cm. Powerful, with a hydraulic hammer and adjustable for all soils including sandy, clay, hard and dry soils.

Wintex 3000

The Wintex 3000 – automatic soil samples up to 90 cm in all soils. Soil samples from three layers in just one sampling process. Accurate splitting of samples, three soil boxes. Depth individually adjustable. Highly efficient, reliable and robust.

Wintex MCL3

The Wintex MCL3 – maximum power to the depth of 200 cm. Automatic control of sampling speed. High-frequency hammer. Perfect, representative and homogeneous soil samples.

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